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i friggen love this! It takes out all of the difficulty of making sfx for games, and saves lots of time!

I love this! Can I use the sfx generated to commercial projects?

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 hey man, couldn't find any other place to post. What's the deal with Paradox? I've been playing the heck out of it lately, but it keeps crashing  right when I get going. Is it just...old? What's with the anomalous signal? Haha I gotta know!

Lovely alternative to bfxr, sadly looking for something else for the tool to overlay different sounds on each othe

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The proper way to do this is to open a terminal and run "./sfxia".

It may need to be made executable. To do this you must run: "chmod +x sfxia".

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i cant here anything coming from it any idea why?


Gr8 software if i had the money i'd surely give it to you

! 🤣👌


Thank you for creating such an amazing  sound fx generator!!!


The word "tiny" didn't suit this generator. This is a great software?

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This works great! Thank you for making this awesome program!






Hey! This is beautiful!! For some reason the client does not want to install the linux version but downloading it manually seems to work more than fine thankfully.

Unreal!! Fantastic piece of software

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Please, please, please make some sort of online version of this?  I see (after reading) there won't be a Mac OS X port, but could you please turn this into something we could use if we don't use Linux or Windows?

Maybe make it available on Homebrew or something?  Sure would be nice to use this!

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This is really beautiful - is there any chance that a version could be created for Mac OS X, or online, or javascript - some sort of standalone that would work on a Mac?

I ask because this application can make some rad percussive sounds and it would go GREAT in Renoise!

Somehow. Can't be opened. Why is this?


The windows download link detected as malicious file


"Cannot create OpenGl context attribs" shows this message and does not open the program


I don't know why but it seems like it won't export for me.

I have no idea why xd

Anyone knows the issue?

"Export", "Save" & "Load" don't work for me. I'm on linux.

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Check if package "zenity" is installed.

zenity is installed.

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Change name for "sfxia.AppImage"

rightclick>properties>permissions>click on square "make it executable"

worked for me. 

I just tried. It didn't change anything. I can run the program, just those 3 functions don't work.



Huge range of sounds can be made with this tool. Not sure what J,S,H buttons are. Someone below said Jump, Shoot and Hit, but I still don't quite get what that means. Regardless, love this tool a lot.


actually slaps


Any chance you can add an explanation for all the buttons? I had to work out what the boxes next to each name did myself and I still have no idea what J S and H do.  Cool stuff though


I assume Jump, Shoot, Hit (as seen in Sfxr/Bfxr)

Perfect thank you, I was confused but that makes a lot of sense



Not even 5 minutes in and I'm already in love with the sounds that this generator produces. Thanks rxi, this is amazing!


Thank youuu


Hi, just got myself Sfxia and it's great! I'm happy that it sounds slightly different than BFXR. I'm wondering if you're going to expand on it - adding more presets etc.?

Could you explain how this differs from BFXR? I like some of the sounds this tool makes but it seems to be missing a few things BFXR has, like choosing the type of waveform for example.


You're right that the tool lacks some features that BFXR has, though not the waveform one specifically (this is the "Mode" slider). Without going too in depth, both tools differ in how they synthesise sound; the goal isn't for sfxia to be a superset of BFXR but to be a tool separate to it that produces sounds that are typically different to what it would produce.

Cool, thanks for the explanation!


i understand nothing, but looks cool

Please make 32bit binary for Windows.

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 Amazing work, love the sound quality and the option to lock parameters.
I will be using this tool instead of BFXR from now on.

Awesome tool, thank you <3

This is cool I really like it. What is the license on the tool and the sounds created with it?

Thanks! You have full ownership over any sounds you produce using the tool

Fantastic! I look forward to using this for games. Thank you.


What did you use to create this program?

I second this question. I'm curious as to how it's only 114kb.


The program is written in C; it uses tigr, sokol_audio and microui.

Very cool! Thanks for listing the libraries that you've used! Really generous of you!

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This... is... incredible... Compare it to electron or unity apps...


Thank you rxi! Any chance in releasing a macOS version?

Unfortunately not -- I don't own a mac myself which makes developing for it a bit of a problem

No worries, I understand. Thank you very much for this tool!

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Well, let me know if you want help in that sense. I'm a software engineer (10+ yrs), I own a mac, and I'm right now in the rare situation of having some free time for a pet project.

Maybe a Hackintosh in a VM ;)?

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