A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A tiny platformer, made during LOWREZJAM2016


  • Jump : [X] or [SPACE] or [UP]
  • Left : [LEFT] or [A]
  • Right : [RIGHT] or [D]
  • Look down : [DOWN] or [S]
  • Pause : [P]
  • Mute : [M]


99_win32.zip 3 MB
99_linux64.tar.gz 2 MB
99.app.zip 3 MB


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No full screen? :(

The rest is superb...but tiny and hard to see.

i just finished the game with 0 deaths, and, with that it's just like say "I love it" x'D

game broken on itch app, also plz make 64bit version

Looks really good! The movement feels good and the art is nice. The only thing I don't like is that the music doesn't fit with the theme. I would use something more calmed.

What engine / framework / thing did you use?

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I used my own little framework: https://github.com/rxi/juno

Can I give a small amount of feedback?

Yep, go for it!

Cool. I like how much you can accomplish in 64x64; the level design is very well suited to it. My biggest complaint is that the camera is kind of headachey. I'm pretty sensitive to that kind of thing in general, though. Also, I'm not sure if I like the dead ends? I didn't play all the way through, but I'm guessing the point is to get 99 coins?

You should mark your downloads as Windows/Linux so people can install them from the app!


Should be sorted now, thanks!