Tilekit 1.04

Additions / Changes

  • Added export support for Tiled's .tmx files
  • Added export support for .csv files
  • Added tile animation preview to "Animations" window
  • Added Alt+ScrollWheel support for horizontal scrolling
  • Changed object draw-order to be based on vertical position


  • Stuck modifier key state when alt-tabbing
  • Stuck mouse button state when opening file dialog
  • Zoom resetting when using Ctrl+L to reload tileset
  • Being able to make map windows inaccessible by dragging them off-screen
  • Saved paths using OS-dependant path-separator


tilekit_v1.04.exe 208 kB
Jul 24, 2020
tilekit_v1.04 193 kB
Jul 24, 2020
tilekit_v1.04_manual.html 57 kB
Jul 24, 2020

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